Lymphatic drainage and its benefits

Lymphatic drainage is a soft massage which aims to stimulate the lymph circulation. It has many benefits for body and mind. We have tested a cure of 4 sessions done at Terra Sensa, a wellness centre in Ixelles. After two sessions, we have already noticed physical but also mental changes. Rosy, the owner of the centre, is a very gentle and friendly person who puts us at ease directly, explains the procedure to us and is happy to advise us as well. Interested? We will tell you how work the lymphatic drainage and all its benefits for body and mind.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Whether used for medical or aesthetic purposes, manual lymphatic drainage is a massage that aims to stimulate the circulation of the lymph. The lymph is a colourless liquid that circulates in the lymph vessels through pulsed contractions of muscles and blood vessels. As a waste disposal system, it drains away excess fluids, toxins and cellular debris. Lymph is filtered by nodes located along the lymphatic vessels, especially in the groin folds, under the armpits and on either side of the neck, to remove toxins and debris from the lymph.

The lymphatic system plays a very important role in each person's immunity.  When the circulation of the lymph is not working properly, the body can become weakened and intoxicated, which can lead to various health problems: swelling of the limbs, cellulite, premature aging, stretch marks, heavy legs, etc.

The lymphatic drainage is a technique of very soft massage, intended to stimulate the circulation of the lymph and to detoxify the organism, while strengthening the immune system. It is carried out with the fingers and palms of the hands over the whole body, following the direction of the lymph circulation and varying the pressure. The manual pressure is soft, light and is carried out in circular movements. It can focus only on the lower limbs if one wants to insist on the areas where cellulite is present, but can also involve the whole body, including the face.

There are two main methods when talking about manual lymphatic drainage: the Vodder method and the Leduc method.

The Vodder method: according to this method, the evacuation of the lymph is done by means of circular movements made with the hand, by varying the pressure.

The method of Dr. Albert Leduc: this technique comes from the work of Vodder. It combines manual lymphatic drainage with the use of pressure therapy devices. The patient's legs are wrapped in inflatable boots connected to a compressor, which allows a specific pressure to be exerted in various places.

There are of course other derivative techniques, such as the lympho-energetics developed by Dominique Jacquemay. It includes the use of essential oils and aromatic oils, as well as treatments based on Chinese energetics.

What are its benefits?

Among its many benefits, we find: elimination of toxins, fat and water accumulated in connective tissue, improvement of lymphatic circulation and blood, improvement of the body's metabolic exchanges, strengthening of the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage promotes better circulation and allows the lymph to rise, the accumulation of which aggravates cellulite and venous insufficiency. It is intended to stimulate circulation, to evacuate excess fluids and metabolic waste products through the lymphatic pathways. It cleanses and regenerates the body, accelerates healing and reduces the risk of infection. It is particularly effective in helping with weight loss and fat burning.

It is also advised in the case of lymphoedema following cancer treatment, for example, or if the patient is at risk of developing one. It also helps to relieve pain related to varices or fibromyalgia, for example.

Apart from the physical benefits, it also acts on the mind. It allows to purify, to evacuate and to renew the worn out moods

Where and when to practice it?

Lymphatic drainage can be performed by a kinesitherapist in a medical setting. But it can also be performed by a aesthetician in a more aesthetic setting. Many people perform it in order to reduce cellulite, accelerate their weight loss or reduce their bags under the eyes and plump up the face.

If you wish to make a real " reset " of your body in the context of weight loss, problems of water retention and/or blood circulation or detoxification, it is strongly advised.

After about 4 sessions (or more), at a rate of one per week, you will boost your body and see a real change. Then, it is always good to maintain with one to two sessions at the big changes of season, as a mini-cure.

After the sessions that we have already been able to test, our skin is firmer, our body is refined and we are visibly less bloated. And this can also be felt mentally, we feel more relaxed by the massages but also by the essential oils carefully chosen by Rosy.

Sessions last about 1 hour. After undressing and sitting comfortably under a warm towel, all you have to do is relax your body completely (this is important for the process of drainage) and enjoy this hour of relaxation for your body. You will come out lighter and calmer. And we look forward to the next session.

Finally, in order to be sure that lymphatic drainage is indicated in your case, ask your doctor for advice.

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