Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, for cleaner oceans

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup helps keep the oceans clean. But also to protect marine wildlife and to support the development of innovative technologies to do so. They organise free educational workshops and provide resources to schools around the world, inspiring every generation to take action and protect our blue planet.

Have you ever heard of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup? Big Blue Ocean Cleanup helps to keep the ocean clean. But also to protect the marine fauna and to support the development of innovative technologies in this direction. In addition, they organise free educational workshops and provide resources to schools around the world, inspiring every generation to take action and protect our blue planet. In addition,the non-profit association sends free cleaning materials to anyone who requests them, worldwide through its distribution network. In short, anyone can become an ambassador, a Big Blue Ocean Cleanup activist. That's the whole concept. They are currently present in the UK, Canada, Malaysia and Australia. Zoom in on this association with a worldwide scope.

Their vision

Above all, they envision healthy oceans in which humanity is forever committed to caring for and appreciating the planet, the marine biodiversity, for long-term benefits. In other words, they want to make positive changes so that the oceans are clean and home to all marine fauna and flora, and so that pollution no longer enters our oceans. The major clean-up operation aims to prevent, protect and minimise disruption due to human development and climate change.

What does Big Blue Ocean Cleanup do?

First of all, the ambassadors-at-arms of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup manage coastal clean-up operations around the world. Second, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup supports them by providing them with the materials they need to keep the places we love clean, free of charge. In these circumstances, the Coastal Cleanup Program offers an easy way to volunteer and commit to their mission of protecting our oceans and the wildlife marine. In this way, everyone (volunteers of all ages, companies, etc.) can contribute to the success of the clean-up program of the coastline, which is essential to keep our coastlines clean.

Training courses

In addition, the association supports and improves the learning of ocean in thousands of schools every year. That's why the "Big Blue Ocean Cleanup" campaign raises awareness and education about the importance of clean and healthy oceans for sustaining life on Earth. In fact, it develops free, open source resources for teachers around the world. The goal: to inspire the next generation to act and protect our blue planet and to enable young people aged 7-14 to understand the impact of the pollution of the oceans on the natural world and to inspire them to act. Namely, Hannah Stitfall, BBC presenter and Billy Heaney Nature, zoologist and presenter of fauna and flora, helped produce free educational videos. They are available on the website (link at the end of the article).

Support for innovative technologies and scientific research

In addition, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup helps innovative entrepreneurs get the visibility they need to facilitate big changes in the world. Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic and other pollutants populate the ocean. But a lot of innovative ideas are being created, some of which are not yet known to the general public. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup therefore supports engineers who are designing ways to fight pollution. This ranges from plastics to chemical corruption to water pollutants, etc.

Finally, the data collected by the project is used by businesses, governments, universities and individuals to help stop the pollution of the oceans. Indeed, plastic debris in the environment is a problem that is attracting increasing attention. Quite simply, because one of the reasons is that plastic will never really degrade biologically and never disappear from our environment, but will become what we call microplastic. And all this leads to the right questions and research.


In short, there is no longer any reminder of the importance of paying attention to our oceans and the Earth in general. Similarly, initiatives such as this one are to be encouraged and you too can make a difference. For more information or if you want to support them, click here.

Groupe d'ambassadeurs en plein nettoyage des côtes.
A group of ambassadors cleaning the coasts.


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