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Slow travel in Belgium by Laurie (part 3)

Discover the latest article of the slow travel series in Belgium by Laurie from the Instagram account called @goodmorninglau.

Hello everybody,

I hope you're all right!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Laurie, I have an Instagram page (@goodmorninglau) on which I try to approach everything ecological with a critical mind and humour. I also write on a collaborative blog ( in the green category. We're talking about zero waste, ethical fashion, eco-renovation and lots of other cool things. 

Today I share with you the last article of the slow travel series in Belgium with some hidden gems and a special guest that I will tell you about in a minute.

But before that, in part 1 of this article, I was telling you how I was the cliché of the globe-trotter and I thought I had to go far to escape. I have since changed my mind of course. Part 1 was in collaboration with Morgane Debondt ((@morganedebondt on instagram), she loves finding places that are out of the ordinary and accessible from our beautiful capital city. She goes there either by train or she rents a cambio shared car for the day.

The second part was in collaboration with Camille from, she told us that lockdown had accompanied her in her change of perspective, that she had to relearn to travel and appreciate our own country. She now dreams of traveling by van or train across Europe.

To conclude in beauty, I have the pleasure to co-write this article with Marie de @tourdumondeenbelgium. So what if we went on vacation at home? And what if we escaped a few kilometers away, by train, bus, bike?

First, I let Marie describe her vision of slow travel in a few lines. 

The development of slow travel? I am 100% for it.

It is sure that it will take a little time to adapt but I am quite confident. 

We have to realize that traveling is a hobby, a plus. Everybody doesn't necessarily have the means to afford it and yet, it's so beneficial!

Just look at the advantages...

Thanks to slow travel the possibility to leave on a low budget, enjoying everything as much, and even more, becomes possible.

By leaving close to home, you contribute to a local economy and participate in the development of local activities.

Ecology! In this period the subject of ecology is much more present than before. So what could be better than to avoid planes, to leave by car, train, bicycle or even on foot? And don't be mistaken! Myself, I was amazed by the number of people who organized their road-trip on foot this summer.

The need to reconnect with nature and with oneself is more and more felt...

Technology has a lot of advantages, but in the period we are in now, we don't always know on which foot to dance and how to go about it. The best answer to our questions lies within us and contact with nature helps us to recharge our batteries.

There are people who are afraid of flying too, they feel away from certain destinations and therefore from a certain fulfillment. By working on slow travel, we will soon find alternatives by train or sailing boat... Or simply as I do for now, exploring the pearls that are not far from us, which we don't even know about.

It is not always necessary to leave at 8000 km, take your car or the train, choose a destination an hour away from home where you have never been, and you will be just as disorientated!

My name is Marie Voght and I am the writer of the book « Tour du monde en Belgique ». For the record, last year (COVID year) I was on a sabbatical where I had planned a lot of trips. I'm not going to lie to you, I went to Marrakech for 35€... I also went to Berlin, and to Namibia to do volunteer work with monkeys. In February, I came back home and I still had a lot of traveling in mind. Then the virus settled comfortably and my ideas kindly flew away!

With a bit of creativity, I arranged my trip and decided to go around the world, in Belgium! I left for a month with my dog Kaya, and we travelled around the world. When the weather was nice, we discovered, when it rained, I wrote. I can tell you that I was quite impressed. I never would have suspected that there were such beautiful landscapes in Belgium. As time went by, I was helped by my graphic designer Sarah Capitte who did a crazy job! I love her work and I was really lucky to meet her, because she loves traveling even more than I do, so the project speaks to her a lot and besides, we continue the adventure together for a next book...

To follow my Belgian adventures, I invite you to follow my Instagram page @tourdumondeenbelgique as well as the one on Facebook.

I'll share with you my paddle trips as well as my new discoveries of Belgian pearls and all the little tricks I've found over the years.

Marie from @tourdumondeenbelgique.

We propose you 3 Belgian places to occupy your autumn weekends or to prepare your Belgian roadtrip for next summer, enjoy!

Lake Robertville

Not far from Malmedy, the lake of Robertville is bordered by various hiking trails. There are several campsites in the area so get a tent and the adventure begins! I personally chose a campsite with a barge to leave with my paddle. (Marie)

Lac de Robertville
Lake Robertville
Lac de Robertville
Lake Robertville

Quarreux's funds

It is a stream where thousands of huge or small stones have settled, forming an extraordinary setting! It is possible to stroll for a while without too many people around. There is also a very short walk to do just beside the stream, giving time to admire this beautiful place. 

Les fonds de Quarreux
Quarreux's funds

The Alsberg hike

The Alsberg hike is a nugget of Flemish Brabant. The starting point is at Huize Hageland between Leuven and Hasselt. It is a very easy hike (about 6km) which brings together different landscapes: the small village of Tielt, fields, woods and especially the observation staircase "Vlooybergtoren" which offers a 360° view on the surroundings. 

La randonnée d’Alsberg
The Alsberg hike
The Alsberg hike

I hope that these 3 Belgian places will make you want to explore our flat country and try slow travel.

With these beautiful words, I'll see you soon for a new article and give you a kiss,



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