5 ayurvedic powders to heal your hair

The ayurvedic powders for healing his hair, have you tried it? These Indian powders from plants and used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) have been used for centuries in India. If your hair lacks volume, shine, or if you want to accelerate growth, these powders will most likely help you. Today, I am sharing five of them with you: neutral henna, kachur sughandi, brahmi, kapoor kachi and shikakai.

Neutral henna

A non-coloring version of henna, neutral henna is an ayurvedic powder that will coat your hair to give it volume and strength. If you perform hair masks, use it as a base for them. It will also help people with oily scalp, or who are prone to dandruff.  Be careful when using it, this powder will darken a little the lighter hair! 

Kachur Sughandi

If you want to give your hair a boost for push, or if they are thin, Kachur Sughandi will help you to overcome it! This powder will also bring shine to the hair. It is highly recommended to mix with another powder (like neutral henna).


Ideal powder if you have dandruff. Brahmi also promotes hair growth . Among its other qualities, it will make your hair more strong>shiny>/strong>. This powder is also to be mixed with another powder like neutral henna.

Kapoor Kachi

The Kapoor Kachi favors the growth of the hair, but not only! If your hair is difficult to strand, the Kapoor Kachi will help to smooth it out to ensure a smoother brushing experience. Strong in antioxidant, this powder will thicken, tonify and give shine to the hair.


The Shikakaï, contrary to the other powders above used in mask, is used in shampoo.

To do this, simply mix the shikakai with a measure of warm water until a creamy texture is obtained. The shikakai will clean your scalp naturally, gently, and help it to get rid of the residues of industrial products that pollute your skull. Like the other powders presented, it will help to the grow, to the detangling, to the fight against dandruff, but also strengthen the hair.

Where to get Ayurvedic powders?

You will normally be able to obtain these powders in the organic stores in your area. However, if you prefer to order, the reference is the essential site aroma-zone.

You will have noticed it, to use ayurvedic powders to look after its hair is essential in view of all the benefits contained in them! If you are interested in this article, and would like more information on other Ayurvedic powders, or more natural and effective recipes and routines to care for or save your hair, please comment!

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Precautions :

  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Staining and volatile powders
  • Test your skin 48 hours before first use to prevent any unwanted allergic reactions.
  • Do not ingest


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