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Hello everybody,

I hope you're all right!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Laurie, I have an Instagram page (@goodmorninglau) on which I try to approach everything ecological with a critical mind and humour. I also write on a collaborative blog ( in the green category. We're talking about zero waste, ethical fashion, eco-renovation and lots of other cool things. 

Christmas is a time that I really like; family, good food, decorations. The part that gets a little more stuck is the presents... Indeed, it is always a puzzle not to take refuge at the Amazon Devil's to buy a gadget made by 8 year olds and that will have gone around the world 6 times before arriving at its destination.

The holidays are also always preceded by Cyber Week, a marketing stunt to sell you things at full price and make you think you need them. But let's get motivated, this year is different! This year, we're moving on to #conscious gifts that don't hurt Central Asian kids (and others) and whose transportation doesn't emit as much CO2 as an SUV over the course of a year.

I'll give you my ideas for ethical and eco-responsible gifts without further delay!

  • non-material gifts: as long as it does not consist of a round trip Brussels-Bangkok, there are many ethical non-material gifts such as a massage, a gourmet restaurant, a wine tasting, a facial, a yoga class and many more.
  • home-made gifts: make a small zero-waste kit to initiate your loved ones by collecting a pretty tote bag in which you will place reusable cotton wool, a metal straw, solid deodorant made by you (see article on natural cosmetics), a natural wooden toothbrush, a solid shampoo and that's it! I'm also thinking of cutting some of my plants in the spring and making candles in upcycled peanut butter pots, those will be very appreciated by my friends!
  • preloved gifts: a blouse that is too small, a book that you won't read anymore, a little used bag, you wrap it in a nice furoshiki and it will make someone happy!
  • gifts from small local shops: good wine that you have brought back from Italy, a small bracelet made in a market in the south, a bouquet of dried and stabilised flowers, many are the craftsmen that you come across every day, and if we made them live this year? They need it with the covid crisis...
  • gifts from conscious brands: a natural cosmetic box, a piece of clothing from an ethical brand, a piece of vintage clothing, scrunchies made from recycled fabrics, ethical jewelry, the list is long - be creative!
  • reconditioned gifts: a reconditioned iPhone from Back Market or even a kitchen robot, if digital or household appliances are something you like, I recommend you turn to reconditioning stores that will give a second life to these products.

As you can see, the list is long and there is no shortage of ethical gift ideas. The watchword is "anticipation" because it is in a hurry that we turn to unethical options like Amazon (or even unethical at all, as you might say). So, from the beginning of November, I make a list of relatives to whom I offer a gift and I try to find an ethical option that will really please them, because that's the goal, isn't it? For myself, I'm creating a whishlist with eco-responsible brand ideas that I appreciate to make life easier for my loved ones! 

I hope these ideas will inspire you!

With these beautiful words, I'll see you soon for a new article and give you a kiss!


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