Hygge, the Danish lifestyle

Hygge is a way of life that keeps you positive during the long Danish winters, when the sun hardly shows itself. It's a philosophy, a way to stay optimistic on a daily basis. It is also a feeling of well-being, a friendly and warm atmosphere. Hygge can talk about an atmosphere, a decoration, a place, an event or an activity. It is, in fact, a matter of fully appreciating the small moments of daily life and learning how to give them priority. It's a concept that invites you to enjoy the pleasure of little things. Like any lifestyle, it's practical. It is not for nothing that Denmark tops the United Nations' list of the happiest countries!

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Cold therapy and the Wim Hof Method

Aujourd’hui, nous allons vous parler de la thérapie par le froid et plus particulièrement de la méthode Wim Hof. Nous allons tout vous dire sur cette méthode révolutionnaire afin que vous puissiez vous forger un avis sur celle-ci.

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